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Committee advisors

  • Otto Exner

    Brand Communication / Sponsorship

  • Arturo Monedero

    Video Game Design / Associations

  • Kiko Béjar

    Speaker-Voice Over / Specialized Consultor 

  • Virginia Calvo

    Co-owner and Head of Institutional Relations at Good Game Group

  • Bernardo Hernández

    Studies / Publishing

  • Asier A. Labarga

    Fairs and events director

  • Pedro Manuel Ollero

    PR / Communicaction / Manufacturer

  • Emilio Hurtado Ruiz

    Expert Lawyer in Esports Business & Gaming

  • Jon Llaguno

    Esports / Business Development

  • Javier Carrion

    Esports / Events

  • Luis de Val

    Influencers / Content creation

  • Isabel Cano

    Marketplace Manager 

  • José Luis Ferrero

    Co-Founder Gamingates

  • David Pavón

    Co-Founder Gamingates

  • Sergio Morcillo Crovetto

    Co-Founder Gamingates

Community members

  • Mario Pérez Guerreira

    Regional Managing Director LATAM at LVP

  • Pablo Canosa Pascual

    Commercial Director at Team Heretics

  • Albert González

    Gaming Marketing Specialist at Asus Spain

  • Alberto Martin

    Chief Revenue Officer at GGTECH Entertainment SL

  • Alejandro Fraguas

    Gaming Account Manager at 2btube

  • Alejandro González

    Co-Founder at Moreno Delgado Agencia LATAM

  • Alejandro Sanchis Pastor

    Esports and Brand Heritage Consultant at Mahou San Miguel

  • Álex Barreda

    Chief Reveneu Officer at NGL

  • Alfonso Aznar

    Director-General Digital, Social Media and Innovation at Havas Group

  • Alfonso Verdugo

    Head Of Spain & Latam FiReSports

  • Alvaro Luzón

    Director of Marketing at MAD Lions

  • Ana Oliveras

    CEO at Squarebox

  • Antonio Rubio

    International Sales Director at B2Boost

  • Bárbara Haba Badía

    General Director BHB Group

  • Beatriz Prieto Alfayate

    Co-Founder at Bumble3ee Interactive

  • Begoña Redel

    Partnerships Manager at Good Game Group

  • Carlos Carrillo

    Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Storm Media LATAM

  • Carlos Gonzalez Tardon

    People&VIDEOGAMES. Videogame, gamification and psychology consultant.

  • Christian Herreruela Pedregosa

    Founder of Deloitte Gaming at Deloitte España

  • Dani Meroño

    Official Caster of the Spanish Soccer Team and Falcons Esports.

  • Dani Salvador García

    Marketing Manager at Giants Esports Team

  • Diego Foresi

    CEO Infinity Esports LATAM

  • Eduardo Baigorri

    Octagon Director

  • Eider Díaz

    Marketing and Communications Senior Manager at Movistar Riders

  • Federico Peinado

    Video Game Design and Production Expert

  • Fernando Canellada

    Consultant at Deloitte Gaming at Deloitte Spain

  • Fernando Peñaloza

    Co-founder and Director of Communication at Moreno Delgado Agencia LATAM

  • Gonzalo Lino Barreiro

    Consultant at Deloitte Gaming - Business Analyst

  • Gonzalo Saenz Brand

    IBM Public Cloud Platform Sales Specialist - Spain and Portugal

  • Guillem Aragonés Martínez

    Chief Marketing Officer at NGL

  • Ignacio Espuelas Borderia

    Director and creator The FIFA eSporter

  • Íñigo Cavestany Villegas

    IBM Public Cloud Sales | IBM Technology

  • Javier Ramos

    Co-founder and CEO at Kaiju Entertainment

  • Joan Sola Prats

    COO & Co founder of National Gaming League

  • Joaquín Sagués

    CEO en The Global Esports Academy

  • Jon Manzanos

    Responsible for Gaming at Youplanet

  • Jorge Flores

    Fundador y Director de Pantallas Amigas

  • Jorge Martínez Ruiz

    Human Person 

  • Jose Fuertes

    Founder & CEO OWO Game

  • José Manuel Tourné

    Intellectual Property Lawyer

  • Jose Parrilla Perez

    Lord Sith at GGTECH Entertainment SL

  • Kevin Delgado Briceño

    Software Engineer at atSistemas

  • Lara Isabel Rodríguez

    Digital Marketing / PR & Social Media expert

  • Laura Ramos

    Digital & Gaming Project Director at Arena Media España

  • Leone Lubrano di Scorpaniello

    IBM Public Cloud Sales

  • Loles Marston

    Marketing Digital & Social Media Marketing

  • Luis Quintans

    Managing Director at Badland Publishing

  • Marcelino Fernández Puiggrós

    Strategy Executive - Global Partnerships at Real Madrid C.F.

  • Marco Antonio Ramos

    Co-Founder at ENSO Event Makers and President at FEJUVES

  • María Rodríguez Varó

    Business Operations Manager at Giants Gaming Esports, S.L

  • Mariano Martinez Simon

    International Business Development Manager at LVP

  • Mario Viviani

    Founder of Gaming Residences

  • Martin Yañez

    Software Engineer and Indie Game Developer with Unity

  • Miguel Esteban

    Consultant at Deloitte Gaming at Deloitte Consulting

  • Nacho Chamorro

    Secretary of the Spanish federation of video game and esports players

  • Nacho Quitntero

    Havas Market Growth Manager

  • Nacho Tena

    CEO Wygers Esports Club

  • Oscar Cumí

    Microinfluencer Management

  • Oscar Ocaña

    President of The Facto Productions

  • Oscar Soriano

    Co-Founder Play The Game

  • Patricia González

    Marketing Director of 2btube

  • Pedro C. Moreno

    Retail Account Manager at HP

  • Pedro de Mendizabal Vázquez

    Expert lawyer at Startups & Gaming

  • Philippe Bost

    VP International Consumer Products at Activision Blizzard

  • Pol Sagués Cañadas

    Managing Director en The Global Esports Academy

  • Rafael González Barona

    National Sales Director & Co-Founder en Bumble3ee Interactive S.L.

  • Raquel Figueruelo

    Marketing & BDM Interxion Spain

  • Sergio Lopezosa Burgui

    COO Perfect Sound

  • Sergio Reyes

    VP Gaming & esports StartupXplore

  • Vicente Horcajada

    Founder at REBOLD Shakers

  • Juan José González López-Huerta

    Marketing / RSC

  • Jenifer González Branco

    Administration / communication in Association of Esports Clubs

  • Roberto Expósito

    CEO Asobu eSports

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